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You must focus on building your Core English Skills A major mistake some IELTS candidates make when preparing for the test is focusing only on mock tests.

Many people think that the more mock tests they do but the are better prepared they will be this is a misconception.

The test is skill-based, not knowledge-based this means that each mock test you do will contain different content that you can’t study for.

It’s about the quality of your skills, and not the quantity of your mock tests language (and all its parts) is a skill. so, you need to learn reading skills, writing skills, listening skills and speaking skills.

You can’t approach to building your language skills the same way when you do mock tests.

Although familiarity with the test format is half the battle, don’t underestimate the need to develop your language skills. so, find a good English teacher, take an English course and immerse yourself in the language through books, newspapers, music and movies.

Find some English-speaking friends and organise an English only conversation club.

The more natural the language becomes to you, the more comfortable you are going to feel in the test.

IELTS Study Tips:

Focus on building your overall language skills!

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